Sunday, 1 February 2009

We Are the World

Last Friday we celebrated Peace Day at school. Here is an interesting song dealing with peace and a better future. Enjoy both the song and video!


LUIS!! said...

the peace day was an asshole, it has been bad since i'm here, in this school. I think that this school is very boring and it has a bad organization in the "special days"... Few things are good at this school, this blog is something ... and it's out-of-school...

Elena González Guerrero said...

Hi, Luis! I'm glad you like this blog . . at least a little bit. I agree that the organization of our Peace Day was not good enough and we'll try to improve it for the next special dates. Do you think this school is boring? A school is the combination of both teachers and students. I try to do my best every day but I sometimes have the same feeling when I come out of your class. Don't you think you students have something to do here?
Anyway, thank you for your comments, and for your contributions in class.